Are You a Top Producer in Real Estate…?

November 4, 2015

In today’s market, selling a million dollars worth of real estate doesn’t make you a top producer. These days, a top producer is typically defined by how many homes they’ve sold (usually 12 per year, minimum) in addition to their annual income (typically over $5 million).

Each REALTOR® trade association across the country carries its own requirements for top producers. These requirements fluctuate depending on market conditions in the state, county, or city an agent is working in. Just like requirements, incentives to reach top producer status also tend to fluctuate depending on locale brokerage.

Century 21 sweetens its pot by offering successful agents a variety of awards to acknowledge their revenue generating excellence. These awards include world awards, awards for regional production, office and company awards with names like Gold, Platinum, President, and Ambassador as well as service awards such as Top 10 and Preferred Agent Club.

ReMax celebrates agent success with status awards named to indicate a superior level of achievement: 100 Percent Club, Platinum Club, Chairman’s Club, and the Diamond Award.

These brokerage award examples highlight the reality that agents and the companies they work for will always try to find a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. But status qualifiers don’t always tell the human side of an agent’s story. This is better left to a customized Atlas profile, which allows agents to showcase their portfolio, various awards, website, and overall real estate industry presence via one shareable package of content. Atlas gives substantial clout to an agent’s claim to greatness. It builds trust and solidifies a strong client-agent experience required to close any transaction.

Atlas used by Real Estate agents and brokers

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