Oregon businesses switch to LED lighting at a record pace

November 9, 2015

“More business owners in Oregon are switching to energy-efficient LED lights.”

It’s incredible to live in an area that supports green business practices. Yet, it’s possible that many local businesses are unaware of just how much support they can receive. For instance, the Energy Trust of Oregon provides cash incentives and technical assistance to businesses that upgrade their lighting systems. In 2014, Energy Trust business customers completed 2,000 lighting projects, and for the first time the majority of projects included LEDs.

Lighting accounts for 35% of a typical commercial building’s electricity use. With Energy Trust support, businesses can cut up to 75% of lighting energy costs by installing LED lighting and controls. In addition to energy savings, LEDs provide numerous other benefits to businesses. They are durable, produce almost no heat, last longer than conventional bulbs, maintain high-quality color, and distribute light evenly. According to Energy Star, LEDs can last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. For businesses that install LEDs, they can also reduce labor costs associated with replacing failing lamps, according to information from Energy Trust.

Oregon Businesses Switch to LED Lighting at a Record Pace” 

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