5 Ways to Win Listings, According to Zillow

November 17, 2015

We know there’s a lot of mixed emotions about Zillow (and Trulia and all those other monoliths) in the real estate world. But we’re not here to take sides. Instead, our goal is to provide information relevant to today’s agents and their needs, regardless of the source. Sometimes the source is us, sometimes it’s one of our clients, and sometimes it’s a behemoth like Zillow that publishes an incredible article about listing appointments and how to win them. Below are the 5 key points in the article, and Zillow’s summary of that point. Happy learning!

1. Prep yourself before you wreck yourself.
Make sure your online storyline is consistent and the Facebook “you” aligns with the LinkedIn “you,” the Zillow and Trulia profile “you,” the website “you,” and so on. You win listings based on how well you sell yourself and your clients’ properties, of course. So make sure you sell one version of yourself: your best self.

2. Handle these marketing musts.
Nobody dives into marketing knowing everything and being the best at it from the get-go. Mastery of the basics provides a solid foundation for making your brand memorable, effective and trustworthy.

3. Conduct your intel and research the competition.
Having your finger on the pulse of your market is a challenging, unending effort, but knowing precisely what, where and why things are influencing your area sets you apart from less motivated and less competent agents.

4. Be willing to work for it.
Selling real estate is a lifestyle. Be passionate about it and show your passion off. Come into the listing appointment pumped about the house, about the market, about the dream. That energy rubs off.

5. Package everything impeccably.
Appearances matter. No matter what level you sell at, your clients want to know they are dealing with a professional. So dress like one. An impeccable appearance wins business.

This post was taken in part from the awesome article “Win the Listing: 5 Practical Tips to Make Sellers Choose You” posted by Zillow on November 2, 2015. Go read it! It’ll inspire you.

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