Real Estate Agents & Personal Responsibility

November 19, 2015

Let’s start with a few powerful real estate statistics that agents can immediately begin using to their advantage.

1. 91% of real estate clients say they’d give referrals, but only 11% of agents ask for them.

These statistics illustrate the importance of simply asking existing clients for referral business. The key takeaway here is that it’s up to each agent to ask for referrals. Doing so will gain them an edge, and that edge will make them more money.

2. 35-50% of listings go to the agent that responds to the prospect first.

This statistic reveals the power of staying top of mind with current and past clients, since prospects will contact agents they have been referred to before contacting an agent that hasn’t been personally recommended to them. And since all agents know that Word of Mouth + Availability = Killing it! the crucial message here is to stay available while maintaining the right kind of drip campaign to stay in front of clients.


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