The 2016 Toolbox of Choice for Real Estate Agents

December 12, 2015

Almost everyone is familiar with the toolbox metaphor, in which “toolbox” refers to an accumulation of experience, strategy, and assets used to get the job done. We refer to Atlas as a technology toolbox to illustrate its most fundamental use: to gather all of your digital assets into one shareable dashboard that sells you, the agent.

On a daily basis, real estate agents depend on a wide array of digital assets to present themselves, win listings, build their brand, and stay in front of their existing database to prompt repeat business and referrals. These digital assets most often include a website, social profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Zillow), a blog, listings database, a portfolio of past sales, and eNewsletters.

So how are real estate agents currently leveraging all of these assets?

Unfortunately, most agents have an overflowing toolbox of low-quality and/or underused tools. Low-quality because they aren’t efficient, practical, or versatile enough to be used on a daily basis. Underused because agents don’t have confidence that the tools will incorporate well into their daily routine and actually build their business.

To combat an overflowing (and largely ineffective) toolbox, agents must do two things:

  1. If an agent hasn’t used an asset in a while, that asset needs to be ditched or it needs to be used. There is no in-between. Whether an agent leans on one tool or one hundred digital assets, they must keep in mind that every asset should add value to their overall messaging. If it doesn’t, dump it.
  2. Agents must determine the right assets for the job then keep them current, relevant, and engaging to their current and potential clients. By keeping only the assets needed to get the job done, current and potential clients will have a much easier time finding what they need from their online search.

How does keeping assets updated and relevant help agents stay ahead of their competition?

Remember, real estate is all about selling yourself and your special sauce. An agent’s toolbox is the way to do that consistently every time. By using Atlas, agents are able to engage with their most useful assets in one place. With just one dashboard, agents are able to monitor client engagement with those assets in order to determine which ones do and don’t get the job done.

Additionally, since the Atlas technology toolbox is shareable, agents are able to give anyone access their most up-to-date information from any device. This makes follow up focused, prompt and rewarding.

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